Erin + Chris - Pensacola Country Club Wedding Cinema

Erin + Chris – Pensacola Country Club Wedding Cinema

The final wedding of the 2013 season was Erin and Chris.

As a true representation of their wedding, this was my best edit this year.  The mother of the bride did an amazing job planning and coordinating this wedding for her daughter, making it memorable for everyone.

Chris was not one for a lot of emotion, but you could truly feel the connection between the two.

In this double feature, you’ll see…

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Nicole + Nick - Pensacola Beach Wedding Cinema

Nicole + Nick – Pensacola Beach Wedding Cinema

This wedding…wow.

If I had to describe it, it would be called ‘magical’.

Everything from the ceremony that was completely candlelit to the reception that was a jaw-dropping transformation of a hotel conference room made this the highlight of the season.

And after getting to know the bride and groom, I knew they were worth every effort of this celebration.

Enjoy this double feature of their…

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Lindsay + Doak - Pensacola Beach Wedding Cinema

Lindsay + Doak – Pensacola Beach Wedding Cinema

Along with the bride and groom, the family and friends that came together for this wedding was a group that you wish you could spend the entire weekend with.

They firmly believed in loving one another and having fun.  Two of the kindest souls I met that day were Lindsay and Doak.

Feel free to enjoy this double feature of their Teaser Trailer and their Cinematic Edit.
[vimeo 71614696 w=999 h=562]

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